Past Exhibits

The Evelyn Peeler Peacock Gallery has been host to a number of member and juried regional exhibitions throughout the years. Here are a few:

2017 Cities of Innovation

Cities of Innovation is a  juried member show that highlights the cities, businesses, and individuals that have advanced glassmaking throughout our region.

2016 Inspired by Black Voices of Corning Exhibition

Artwork by Yolanda Daliz

Artists were invited to reflect on the theme and topics on display in the Black Voices of Corning project. Artists considered themes such as the relationships between identity and place, between voices and histories, and between freedom and expression. These themes may be considered broadly and can include issues of race, sexual orientation, class, gender expression, and ethnicity.

2016 Seeing Light Exibition

Artwork by Dan Mirer

A regional juried glass art exhibition inspired by the theme of the 2016 Glass Art Society Conference, Creating Context: Glass in a New Light. This exhibition was on display throughout 2016 Glassfest and the 2016 GAS Conference.

2015 Fall Member Exhibtion

Artwork by Martha Manikas-Foster

The ARTS Council hosts a number of exhibitions each year featuring the work of our member artists. With no theme or topics, member artists present a variety of medium, themes, and sizes.

2015 Traverse Exhibition

Artwork featuring a variety of member artists

Featuring Two Galleries, One Show, this was a collaborative juried exhibition between The ARTS Council and 171 Cedar Arts Center. Traversing both space and size, this exhibition envisioned an examination of the small and large, the 2D and 3D, and the spaces in which we encounter them.